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Kevin Michael, Ph.D

Michael & Associates, Inc
2766 W. College Ave
Suite 1
State College, PA USA 16801

814.234.7042 office


Michael & Associates, Inc.
An Independent Psychoacoustics Laboratory


In addition to testing services, Michael & Associates offers several off-the-shelf products for acoustical testing and measurement. Additionally, custom products can be developed at a reasonable cost. Contact us with specific requirements.

In 2008, doseBusters USA was acquired by Sperian Protection. See for info on the QuietDose technology.

We are pleased to announce that Michael & Associates is introducing the FitCheck Solo Field Attenuation Estimation System (FAES). This is a product of Michael and Associates and is based on the HPD Well-Fit™ system developed by and licensed from CDC/NIOSH. This is offered in addition to the FitCheck FAES system, which has been available for many years. Both systems yield similar data but utilize somewhat different audiometric techniques. FitCheck Solo has the advantage of not requiring external hardware.